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Piano transport




We understand like no other how important it is to manage piano transport correctly. For this reason, we have the trust of renowned manufacturers of pianos, organs, grand pianos, violins, and keyboards for the transportation of their instruments. We excel and exceed expectations thanks to our many years of experience. Our customers experience this on a daily basis. 

We have every technical resource at our disposal to make sure piano transport and distribution runs smoothly. Yet, the main thing is we do it with all our hearts. We succeed in going the extra mile for you and your product. Experience it for yourself!


piano transport

technology and equipment

Piano transport can take place from our warehouse, covering more than 15,000 m2. Optimal climate control and an electronic humidity control system means your instruments are safe. You can enjoy and trust smooth transport processes thanks to:

  • vehicles with air suspension and hydraulic loading platforms
  • double loading floors
  • customised packaging material
  • a maximum volume of as many as 80 pianos per vehicle

If required, we can deliver large volumes by road, but we can also take the greatest care and attention to deliver a single piano or violin to an individual address. Whether it’s a grand piano for Berlin or 80 pianos for Dublin, we are at your service.

Care and attention


exceptional clients

As well as regular transport, we also provide exceptional transport. This is why our reference list features clients such as the North Sea Jazz Festival and the International Piano Contests.

What’s more, we are proud of our clients’ diversity. From Japanese, Chinese, German, and English piano factories to internationally renowned artists. They all make their way to us. And that is something we cherish.


climate-controlled storage

Are you looking to store larger quantities of pianos or other musical instruments? Our climate-controlled warehouse is an excellent choice. If required, we can keep stock for you and look after distribution from our location to any destination in the world. Your instruments are safe with us and are transported with care.

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